A meesage from our founder on postponing Gem 2020

To say that the past few weeks have been a mix of emotions would be an understatement. For every heart-breaking story or passionate entrepreneur that is affected by covid19, there has been an awe-inspiring story of how the city and entrepreneurial community has come together to stay connected and support each other.

And while trying to navigate the new normal I didn't even have time to mourn as I went into emergency-mode to make plans A, B + C, and try to support our small-business community in any way that I can. See, we doubled down on IRL events in 2020... and now that's on hold. Although the reality of the next couple months is staying isolated, the Gem mission stays the same as we pivot into new + creative ways to connect: To celebrate our community of fierce women, and to create opportunities for you to grow and be inspired.

Initially I was waiting for the announcement on April 16th, but the city of Ottawa recently announced that they are delaying opening up non-essential services and events until June 30th. The "hope for the best/plan for the worst" mentality paid off as I had already secured a backup date with key speakers and the venue before self-isolation (just in case, but had hoped not to use it!). 

The new dates for our Ottawa conference are September 30th-October 1st. Sarah Nicole and most of our speakers are STILL COMING (those behind the scenes logistics are falling into place).


In the meantime we are dreaming up inspiring ways to keep you connected, learning and inspired (including a virtual summit coming in June... to tide you over until IRL is here in September!). Our core value of raising up community doesn't change.

The events industry has been brought to its knees- events are incredibly expensive to produce, and there are a lot of moving parts. Events that have successfully run (by people who are the best in the industry) for years/decades are finding themselves in situations (nightmares) they never dreamed possible. You can be the best at what you do at creating IRL experiences, and this situation is an equal opportunity offender. 

Each and every day I am taking pause to br grateful... for health and safety. For the happy voices of my children. For the frontline workers showing up every day. For the supportive ones that said "you got this" in the darkest moments. For sunny days... and knowing that on the dark days, the sun will shine again.

Sending love + light

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