CBC Blog: How 3 female entrepreneurs got started.

Last month two forward thinking women from the CBC Ottawa communications team got in touch with me: they wanted to get involved with GEM in some way, and wanted to help us spread our message.  They wanted to tell the stories of some of our speakers to inspire other people who may be wanting to start their own business, but not sure where to start or scared to put themselves out there. 

I got to a point where I realized that I was giving away all my power. I was so concerned with how other people thought of me, that I was essentially telling myself that other people's opinions of me mattered more to me than me creating the life and business I dreamed of.

- Lana Dingwall.

CBC Ottawa will be onsite with some cool charging stations (if your phone is anything like mine it may need a mid-day charge!). Read the full CBC blog here.

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