Coworking vs. Work at Home

You made the bold decision to go out on your own and work from home. Long days at home can get lonely, and the boundaries between work + play hours quickly blur. A coworking membership may seem like an indulgence, but we're here to tell you why its more than that.


Communities across the country have seen a rise in creative community spaces over the past few years (the federal government is even moving their offices in this direction, trading in walls and fixed workstations for workpods, communal areas and long tables). And they aren't just taking over big cities... we've seen some popup in Squamish BC, to Pembroke Ontario- small towns full of big dreamers.

Our inaugural business conference revealed one resounding thing that you want... more community building and more opportunities to connect with each other. 

No matter what your dreams, goals or passions are- the gem space is a community where you can cultivate the life you want and create the change you want to see in the world.

1. The line in the sand of work vs. home is drawn: We've been there... all of a sudden you find yourself not working in the mornings and then working late into the night. The next think you know your social life, sleep patterns and physical activity are non-existent. Humans are creatures of habit, and creating routines will make sure you maximize productivity while still maintaining balance. The hustle can be real, but it can't take over your whole life cause that just aint healthy.

2. No more random cafes: We've also been there. You're working from home, and all of a sudden at 11am you realize that you're not going to get anything done there. So you pop over to a random coffee shop to work where the inspiration is zero. 

3. Manifest collaborations over a cup of coffee: Community workspaces all have their own unique vibe, and ways of building community. We are big believers that you get what you put into it- go in with an open mind ready to listen and share. You may get your next big idea during a simple chat or align with someone you least expected to. You may find yourself more motivated to move the needle simply by being around other motivated people.

4. Network with potential clients: Calling all freelancers, coachers, designers, makers (you get the drift). You aint meeting potential clients IRL at home. When you're at a community workspace, you never know whos going to walk through the door and who you may connect with. Come ready with business cards, your pitch and ready to talk shop.

The Gem Space is a boutique style community space that is curating a schedule of workshops, networking breakfast sessions. You won't be one of hundreds here... the intimate boutique feel is ripe with creativity.

We have packages starting at $65/month for monthly drop-in packages up to fulltime monthly passes. We also have space to rent for workshops + meetings.

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