"The way work is evolving now is more about continuing to have an expansion of your knowledge and your experience, it doesn't always mean climbing a ladder."

- Lisa Sterling.

So you want to attend GEM conference (or another cool conference in your city) but your company isn't in the habit of sending its employees to this type of thing? Polish up yo sales skills girl, because its your job to convince them that this is going to benefit your career growth and their bottom line. Read through to the bottom where we've attached a free downloadable letter to print off/email to your boss (we got you).




JUST ASK! Listen, the worst thing they'll say is no... but we know if you prepare for the pitch they'll have no choice but to say yes. Notable experiences at GEM: 


  • Full day of talks on business development, money and negotiating, skill-building experts, storytelling and sales, leadership, building and working with strong teams, branding and social media, impact and wellness.
  • 3+ hours of networking with like-minded business women.
  • Exposure to some of the top business coaches, entrepreneurs, career bosses from Eastern Canada. Our speakers have one thing in common: they've slayed career growth and their going to share those experiences.
  • Membership in an exclusive online group post-conference to help keep you accountable to the goals you'll set at GEM and to stay connected with other attendees.



Its likely that your boss hasn't heard of a modern business conference (all good, you're there to enlighten them). Sales 101 is understanding their needs, and how can what you're offering fill the gaps. How can your experience at GEM help your performance in your role? Ultimately your bosses #1 priority is achieving goals and leading a high performing team. You need to sell them on what the ROI (return on investment) will be, how GEM will make you an over-achiever in your job and what they will get out of you.

(Desirae Odjick, Financial expert

Your company is making a financial and time investment in you by giving you the opportunity to go. They want something out of that.

- Amanda Cockburn

We have some fresh tips on how to craft your pitch to your boss:

  • "Going to GEM will help me to support you with X project by..."
  • "Leadership development will help me in my new role by..."
  • "I know that GEM will offer us with lots of fresh perspective on our new XYZ strategy and lots of networking + marketing opportunities"

Remember, as much as its going to be an uber cool day and you're going to have an amazing time really isn't the top priority for your boss. Its how your performance will make them more profitable.



Photo cred: Lana Dingwall (business and career coach + panelist)

GEM is a small financial investment to most companies... $250 is way less than they would pay for corporate training services or worse yet, lost productivity from unmotivated employees. Maybe your boss's main concern isn't the financial investment, but the time lost on the job. Legit concern, but don't worry. You'll make some compromises from your end too!

  • Research your HR policies: does your company allocate days off for professional development? If yes, great! If no, pitch them the idea!
  • Guarantee you wont fall behind on your work or pass it off to someone else.
  • Work some overtime leading into the conference to make up for it.
  • Proactively plan with your co-workers the weeks leading into the conference and make sure no important meetings are scheduled on that day.
  • Offer to set some time aside to make up for it on the weekend.

Remember, this is like any other sales pitch. Even if your boss says no, we have no doubt that they'll be impressed with your ambition. Maybe the compromise is the time off and you make the financial investment in yourself. We promise, it'll be worth it!

Free downloadable pitch letter HERE

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