How to Find Your Perfect Coach and Get Results

No one can do it all, and in the world of entrepreneurship - or even for those working to advance their careers in the corporate world - understanding your weaknesses is just as important as understanding your strengths. 


Knowing which areas you need to improve on to help accelerate that career growth is critical, and having someone to guide you and help keep you on track can really make a difference in how successful you are.

- Lana Dingwall, Business Coach.

It’s no secret having a coach can be the difference that you need in your business - there’s a reason every professional athlete and sporting team has one! 

“There are a ton of benefits to having a coach,” says Lana Dingwall, who is a business and life coach and has also been coached in the past. “it’s been having the ability to tap into someone else’s expertise and skills and have them use those things to help me grow my business and myself. Every elite athlete has always had a coach helping them train, learn, adapt, compete, and master their sport. It is the same thing in business. Having the right coach on your team can take you from low to average results, to achieving things you never thought possible.”

Mavis Huntley, Co-Founder of Smithery Style agrees, particularly if you’re following a non- traditional path and creating roles as you go. “Throughout my career I've often carved my own path or created jobs / roles that weren't traditional or existed yet. This can be a lonely and scary path as you never know where you are going next, or necessarily what your 5 year plan is. So during one of these transition periods, I found a business coach who helped me figure out my next move. I like to compare it to an onion, where they help you peel down the layers and understand why you do the things you do, why you desire the things you desire and why you are happy or not happy at a particular moment in time.”

But how do you find the right one for you, in order to get the most out of your investment?

Leadership coach Sophie Abboud says the first step you take should be to really figure out what it is you need. “No one needs ‘general’ coaching on ‘everything’”, she said. “Be clear on what you need; where do you struggle? Is it marketing, is it business development, is it leadership development?”

Understanding this can help save frustration in the long run by avoiding having a coach teaching you something you already know. If you’re not sure, there’s nothing wrong with calling different coaches to see what they offer and which makes the most sense for you!

Once you know what it is you are looking for help with, make sure the coach you choose has both the right skillset and personality for you. It’s important for personalities and values to match so you feel like you have a partner in your business rather than someone ordering you around. Equally important, however, is ensuring they have experience in the specific area you need help with.

“It doesn’t have to be the exact same industry or project, but you want proof that they have built a business themselves and if that business was built with the techniques they’re providing", offers Mallory Rowan, found of LVD Fitness and marketing expert. “Think of financial investing: we give our money to a man behind a desk who invests it as his boss wants him to. But the most important question with a financial investor is if they invest their own money the same way they do yours. You want that same question for a business coach. The biggest red flag is a
coach with no proof.”


Once you have a coach lined up, you can expect a personalized experience with the tools and training you need to succeed in the area you want to focus on. Like everything else, coaching shouldn’t be a ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

Finally, be honest with your coach! They’re there to help you, and want to see you succeed. “I love being a coach because I love to challenge people to dream bigger, and then actually bring that dream into a lived reality,” says Lana. “There is no better feeling than seeing a client of yours achieve a goal that they never thought was possible for themselves, like quitting their day job, retiring with their partner, making more money while having more time for their family, being able to travel the world while doing something they love and more. I see so many people who want more in life and out of their business but they are stuck spinning their wheels because they don’t know what to do. Giving people the tools, strategies and resources to live out their biggest ambitions is incredible.”

Quick take-away: 3 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Coach And Getting Results

1. Be clear on which area of your business/career you need help with.
2. Find a coach that is a good fit for you in terms of both skillset and personality.
3. Be honest with your coach. (IF you're not you won't get everything you could out of it).

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