The top 10 mic drop moments at Gem Conference 2019

Has it already been a week since Gem conference 2019?

239 ambitious modern career women (plus Tom) gathered in the Horticulture Building in Ottawa for the inaugural Gem Conference on May 30th. I couldn't have asked for a more "good vibes only" day, so many supportive women, connections, hugs... the positivity was almost overwhelming (if that's at all possible)! I have received countless messages about how the day impacted them, and hearing about real life actions being taken. 



1. "Sometimes we put ourselves in a supporting role. Invest in yourself. You should never have to sacrifice yourself for someone else's dreams" - Amanda Aerin on personal growth.

2. "Look at your goal every day. The amount of work you put in is what you'll get out of it" - Tom + Amanda on building your biz.

3. "When you're building a team, fill the voices that are missing at the table" - Anna Lambert on diversity on teams.

4. "I don't see putting #ad as a negative. I wear it as a badge of honour that this brand wants to work with me and sees the value"- Dominique Baker on sponsored content.

5. "Pull together a strong set of values that attracts good people. Network and build relationships and it will get easier and easier" - Jenna Sudds on building teams.

6. "You need to know your WHY. Your core reason for what you do and always check in on your actions and words to ensure that they align with what you preach" - Susan Elstob on purpose driven business.

7. "Make a priorities list, not a to do list" - Mavis Huntley on getting sh*t done.

8. "You should be losing 20% of your deals/sales over price. If you close every deal, you're priced too low and you're leaving money on the table"  - Susan Richards, on pricing your product/service.

9. "If you're not out there hustling, its going to be hard to compete" - Amanda Aerin on getting ahead.

10. "Finding what you're good at and what you love... its not always the same thing" - Bailey Parnell on finding purpose in your work.


Gem Conference, Anupaya, Gem Conference speaker

(Photo credit: Brittany Fleming Photography + Jessica Erin Virtual Assistant

Shannon, founder of Anupaya finished off the day by saying that they almost didn't start the one pound promise of removing one pound of waste out of the environment for every piece sold because they thought "all of the big brands are having such an impact, how can we compete with that?" - She's so happy she didn't listen to the little voice in her head that said "don't do it, you can't do it" because they have now removed 47,000 pounds of waste and counting every single day. Everyone has the power to have an impact if you just go out and do it.

Whether one moment, ten moments... or maybe you're not sure yet what moment it was. Something stuck with you to make you rethink how you're doing things and what you could be doing differently. Now you should be asking yourself "how am I going to have a bigger impact on my own life and the people around me". 

Thank you to everyone who came!


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