What we learnt at the first Monday Gem Session.

Built on connection & the power of supporting others, we want to create spaces and community for you to be yourself and be heard.

Last Monday local leadership coach Sophie Abboud, Amber Branny and I launched the first Monday Morning Gem Session and it was everything we thought it would be! We were joined by ten women who are on a mission to get more intentional in their lives and businesses, and that opened up about what is important to them.

"Do less to do more. Bi-weekly check in's to connect, clear your mind, and find alignment".

- Sophie Abboud


We asked attendees what they wanted to discuss more of and three themes came up: collaboration, accountability and balance (time + energy management tips). Attendees said that the space we created was welcoming, supportive + inspiring. 

The Gem Sessions are held every second Monday (upcoming dates are Nov 4th + 18th, Dec 2nd) and are designed to be an hour (easy to fit into your busy sched) to connect with other like-minded people in our community, to create moments for you to self-reflect on the weeks topic and to leave you with some actionables to start your week off. You  have access to our  coffee + tea bar, and can stay to use the community workspace after.

We learnt that women are craving this type of space, and open conversation about opportunities and the challenges we all face to realizing our goals. 


Who are these sessions for?

Entrepreneurs (whether you have an estrablished business, just starting, daydreaming), managers, leaders, doers who can ask themselves these questions:

  •  Are you ready to take leaps? (Start, or level up)
  • Are you able to hold yourself accountable.
  • When women rise, magic happens. Are you ready to create magic?

 Sound like you could use some of this vibe in your life? Book in HERE

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