When that post-conference high wears off... what now?

Chances are you are part of the 99% of people that leave a conference feeling so inspired: buying in to every ounce of information and call-to-action that you heard, ready to slay goals with new BFF's made, your conference notebook is your new business bible, and develop like three new companies. 

A conference isn't simply a day event, its an investment into yourself and part of that commitment is to take action and imagine what's possible - Amanda, Gem Founder.


Gem Conference was one month ago today, and chances are you've hit the expiry date of that high and you've tucked your notebook away, falling back into old routines and responsibilities. 

A conference isn't simply a day event, its an investment into yourself and part of that commitment needs to take what you learn and what shifts your mindset, and take some action. We're here with you babe, so grab a drink and print our one month check-in (Downloadable here). 

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  1. Print off downloadable, grab your conference notebook + a pen.
  2. Take a sip and breathe and find a comfortable spot.
  3. Read through your notebook. What resonated with you? Maybe you didn't feel it that day, but as you re-read it hits you. Maybe something rocked your core as soon as you heard it, and after letting it sit now you can make sense of how to take action. Maybe your list was twenty key takeaways and now you need to prioritize... maybe you need to rewrite your notes out.
  4. IDEAS WITH IMPACT: What's that big takeaway that gave you goosebumps.... that call to action for change or pushing to the next level of growth? Big or small, learning specific takeaway or lifestyle inspiration, big life pivot? Whatever it was for you. Write it down!
  5. BIG GOALS: How can that impactful idea shape into a goal? Have you been wanting to start a side-hustle? Do you want to get your products into a certain influencers hands? Do you want to write a business plan? Do you want to work wellness into your daily habits? Do you want to hire an assistant? WRITE. IT. DOWN. What can you turn from inspiration into action? Is it scary? Maybe. Will it be worth it? Probably!
  6. THIRTY DAY ACTIONABLES: Here is where you will lay out your next steps. Write down what you will action out in the next thirty days and what your deadline is (date). Now go into your phone and set a reminder for that date. If your goal is scary (anything that's worth it usually is) and you're not ready to put it out into the universe yet, make them behind the scenes tasks. Or maybe an actionable is setting a date with a trusted friend and running your goal/idea past them.
  7. Plan to do this again in thirty days. 
  8. Refill your drink and toast yourself.

Laura Kelly of the "You might not like it" podcast has been attending conferences since 2013, and makes it a part of her personal development. She spoke about money + pricing at Gem Conference 2019 and on her podcast she's breaking down her four major takeaways from the conference. She also did a podcast on how to take that post-conference high and drive change, and really breaks it down into nuggets that are easy to digest.

Let us know how you do! We want to hear what your thirty day checkins look like and what goals you want to action out. Tag us on Instagram, email us hello@gemconference.ca or share to the private facebook group. 




Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


I really needed the Gem Conference. I was at a low point and it boosted me and helped set me back on the path I wanted to be. Since the conference I have managed to find an online course that is one I needed but was waiting for an in person one which would not have been until much later next year. I am now spending an hour a night after work to devote to learning the skills I will need to achieve my dream. Being surrounded by successful women in many fields I had never even heard of was inspiring, uplifting, and just what I needed

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