INTRO MONTH (August 5 pack)

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We have a limited number of 5 packs that are eligible to be used from August 12th-31st. First access will be given to our Gem attendees, and will open to the public on July 30th 2019.

We know you're in half work + half summertime mode in August, so we're doing a limited number of 5 packs available for August before we open up our full lineup of packages on August 6th 2019 (Full time, monthly 5 + 10 packs). This is a great way to dip your toe in the water.

  • Monday to Friday 10-5.
  • Stay caffeinated at our coffee + tea bar.
  • Steady WIFI.
  • Craft + rest room (when you need a work break).
  • Community good vibes.

Available until sold out. So don't hum and haw... book in! What do you have to lose?