Monday Morning Gem Sessions

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The bi-weekly Monday Morning Gem Sessions are curated to start our weeks on a positive note, designed for you to create subtle shifts, relax your shoulders, feel at ease and join other like minded entrepreneurs. We are so isolated in our work, in our lives let’s try to put a pause to that.   

Sophie, Amber and Amanda are all about slowing down to speed up. Reflecting before acting. They will help facilitate these mornings by provide a space to contemplate, breathe, discuss topics around self-development and leadership. More importantly though, these mornings will be a space for YOU to feel yourself, feel whole, to share what you might need to get off your chest, to teach or even to create. 

We believe that this conscious creation will leave you enthused, wiser and the fullest version of yourself. 

Coffee + tea bar + spa water will be served. 

WHEN: Every 2nd Monday morning 8AM-9:30AM

CONTRIBUTION: $20 + HST (15% discount for members + conference attendees).

WHERE: The Gem Space @ 432 1/2 Preston street (street parking available, bus route 85, bike accessible, O-train accessible). 

Sessions will begin with a 10 minute mingle, followed by a 5 minute breath exercise and a discussion facilitated by Sophie, Amber and/or Amanda. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you wish to.


Tuesday, February 18th: Money talks (moved because of family day)

Monday, March 2nd TBD

Monday. March 16th TBD

Monday, March 30th TBD

Monday, April 13th TBD

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