The creativity + wellness urban retreat is for the creative entrepreneur who want to build habits so they can thrive in their business. Who are looking to get back into community, and to connect while we work through prompts + build new strategies to thrive in our businesses.

This will be hosted at 70B Beech from May 25th-June 3rd. It will be a series of daily self-guided prompts, community sessions (both IRL or virtual), retreat style inspirational talks, wellness + movement sessions, and networking. Attendees will leave: 
  • Settled into a clearer vision of the future.
  • Align their purpose + habits.
  • Cultivating results from a place of flow.
  • With actionable tools to create from a place of balance.
  • Reconnected with the community.


  • Creative flow with Eve-Marie Blouin.
  • Creative money + business panel.
  • Working with creative cycles.
  • The mind/gut connection + building healthy habits for you.
  • Mindfulness in creative business.
  • Movement + yoga sessions
  • Sound bath session
  • Meditation + mindful moments.
  • Thriving in community.
  • Poetry reading about self discovery with Samuleke Ncube (published local author).



  • Full access ticket: Immerse yourself into the full experience, first access to picking sessions. These attendees will also get unlimited access to the video prompts and follow up videos/worksheets.
  • Three session ticket (inclulding Saturday): Pick 3 sessions to attend, including the keynote Saturday "Creative Flow" workshop with Eve-Marie Blouin.
  • Single tickets: Buy single tickets.


All attendees (no matter their ticket type) will get daily prompts in their inbox with either video or worksheets, daily prompts to guide your planning and insights.