Coworking space FAQ

I've never heard of a co-working space... what is this?

A coworking space is a shared workspace that you can become a member at, and creates a community of like-minded people. You can usually become a member or do drop-in sessions that allow you access to work in the space. Now more than ever women are looking for more meaningful ways to connect, share ideas, be inspired and grow. We are the only women's co-working space in Ottawa- for creative entrepreneurial spirits. 

We have made the pricing, community values + space comfortable and accessible.

Why is it women's only?

Through Gem Conference, we have learnt that women are looking for safe spaces to connect with other women (or women identifying) who are having the same experiences as them in business. Listen, you'll never hear chanting, or ra-ra we are women. But there is immense value in sharing knowledge and feeling supported 

Although female's in leadership + as entrepreneurs is on the rise, we have still not reached pay equity, there is not equal representation at the table, and we still face overt sexism in business. 

Where on Preston street is it located?

We are at the South end of Preston street nestled between La Roma + Pub Italia. 

Is there parking?

There is ample parking in the hood (whether in the adjacent neighbourhoods or at paid parking. We have two large lots close by. We have ample places to lock your bike along the street, and we are have transit along Preston street and Carling (3 blocks up from Carling).

We don't have onsite parking for cars.

What is the refund policy?

Once you purchase a package, they are non-refundable. Listen, we're human and know that things come up. Get in touch with us and maybe we can figure out how to transfer your package to someone else :)

How can I get first access to buying co-working access?

Join our mailing list! We will be giving our mailing list exclusive 24 hour access to book into newly listed packages before it goes open to the public. Because we are a boutique style coworking space, we have limited packages available on a monthly basis. We do however believe that this more intimate, connected vibe is what makes us special.

Will you be hosting any networking events?

Oh heck yes! We know that what you are looking for is more time to connect with other creatives + entrepreneurs. We will be hosting networking events for 12-15 people on the regular for our community of members, and also hosting other events open to the public. 

Are there any perks?

We're working on some community perks for you. We're not ready to share quite yet... what you will get is discounts off of our Gem conferences + workshops.

If I buy a 5 or 10 pack, can I come anytime?

Monday-Friday will be open to co-working members. We will have a book-in program on our website that you can book your session with to:

a) track your usage (5 + 10 pack members)

b) because we are a boutique space, we have a maximum capacity. So booking in means that you are ensuring you get a spot in the space that day! Don't worry, we are not overselling... we will never sell over the number of seats we have in a month!  

Can I come on the weekends?

You will be able to come on the weekends if you are a fulltime monthly member. Our weekends will be prioritized for workshop time (DIY crafts + business learning). If there is nothing booked you are more than welcome to come co-work! 

Is there any food on site?

We will not be selling any food on site. You can bring snacks + cold food on site (sorry friends... being a more intimate space we don't want yesterday's curry stinking up the place). We ask that food not be left around, that members take care of any dishes they may use, and that they use our recycling and green bins. 

Are there any drinks available at the space?

But first, coffee. This is basically a way of life around here! We will have coffee + tea available to members to drink throughout the day, spa water stations, periodically setting up lemonade and other bevvies throughout the year, and will be stocking up kombucha + artisan soda to purchase. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Emily Majorg is our community manager and can be contacted at