FAQ 2020

Who is GEM for?

Gem conference is anyone who is looking to level up in their career, business, life, be inspired to make a change, looking to connect + network, and who wants to commit to growth. The content is tailored to be applicable to both career women and entrepreneurs, and we think that we can all benefit from really diverse points of view. We are not opposed to dudes coming (everyone is included) and we do have a man sitting on a panel who is in a business partnership with a badass woman (we can't wait to hear his POV and what that's like!), but be ready to be surrounded by some incredible strong inspirational women! 

Do you have a COVID19 policy?

We have a "we still need to live our lives, but take the proper precautions to stay healthy" attitude. We are monitoring the situation very closely through credible government websites and municipal guidelines. While the number of confirmed cases and risk factors in Canada are very low, we understand that you may have questions about the event. Based on the current information, we are planning to go ahead with Gem Conference as planned, but will have contingency plans in place. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all of our attendees and stakeholders, and are working closely with the venue to ensure that they are as well. 

Should we need to postpone closer to the date should anything change in our city, then we will look at that. We would never cancel on you! Rest assured that you will not be buying a ticket, risking losing your hard-earned money with nothing in return! 

Where is GEM happening?

Gem Conference is in Ottawa, Canada (holla Canada's capital city!). The venue is the horticulture building, a historical urban building in the heart of Ottawa and next to the Rideau Canal and other beautiful green space. Lansdowne (where our venue is located) has ample underground parking and is along transit). It is also a bike friendly. 

How long does it go on for?

Gem Conference is a one-day event that is full of juicy content. We know your time is valuable so we worked hard to curate the content down to one day. Registration starts at 8am, and the day ends at 6pm, followed by a champagne hour to celebrate and connect with the amazing people we just spent the day with! 

I'm from out of town, where should I stay?

Hotels are so passe. Overpriced and small. Technology has changed the way people do business, and we business accommodations are no different. Our official accommodations partner for Gem Conference is Short and Suite, a local Airbnb management company run by two entrepreneurial women who manage over 200 properties in the downtown core. Their homes are chic, modern and clean. 

Coming from out of town, follow the link here to the Short and Suite BNB website which will link to their home offerings.

I want to sit with my friend- are there assigned seats?

We do not have assigned seats! So there is no need to purchase your tickets on the same transaction to ensure you sit together. The only assigned areas will be the VIP seating which will be the first two rows. Otherwise you are free to sit wherever. 

What will I get out of Gem Conference?

Its really up to you what you get out of it. Gem will be sending you some check in sheets prior to the conference so that you can take time to look at where your career/business/life is at and what you are looking to focus on- we think that by doing this you will have your mind open and ready to take the juicy nuggets that our panel will deliver to implement post conference.

We also know that these types of events can be so so inspiring, but then we get home and real life kicks back in and that fire is quickly lost. We are going to have a private facebook group for conference attendees to keep accountability after the conference, with check ins on your goal setting. We are also going to be having you write yourself a letter at the conference that we will snail-mail out to you 6 months later. This will allow you to check in with what you had hoped to get out of it.  

Will you feed me, or should I bring lunch + snacks?

Oh man, are we going to feed you??! The day will start with a coffee/tea bar by local brand Morning Owl and snack. This will be followed by a morning snack break. Lunch will be provided by RAW pulp and grind who is a local healthy foods restaurant. This will be followed by an afternoon snack. There will be local kombucha, artisanal soda and water also available all day. We are also working with some chic local baking brands to provide healthy + tasty snacks. So to answer, no need to bring a lunch or snacks! 

*** Should you have any dietary restrictions, please email hello@gemconference.ca with the subject line: dietary restrictions. We will have an assortment of vegan + vegetarian, nut free, and gluten free.

How will I get my ticket?

You will receive your ticket via email to either print off or show on your smart phone (paperless is fine by us).

I want to ask my boss to pay for it, but I'm not sure how to ask...

We got you babe. We wrote a blog post about how to go about asking your boss to send you to Gem Conference. Personal + professional development is quickly becoming a hot bed topic in a lot of HR policies, and a big part of employee retention. We even wrote out a letter that you can print out (or email) to your boss to help you craft your pitch to them! Find the letter HERE.

If they wont pay for it, no worries. We know that Gem is a perfect investment for you. Perhaps the compromise is a paid day off, and you cover the payment of the ticket? There are a lot of compromises, go in to the meeting knowing what you want out of it and have several potential scenarios laid out that work for you.

Remember that professional development + business conferences are a business write off. Get in touch with your accountant to ask if this applies to you!   

How much do tickets cost? 

We did so much research into different types of conferences and what they are asking you to invest in yourself- we believe in offering top level experiences but keeping the price affordable because we know that as a career woman, mompreneur, entrepreneur, maker that every dollar can count. Similar conferences in the states can run you $400US+. And we don't mean to toot our own horns, but conferences that have a lot less attention to thoughtful details are $300+ so we think we have hit the sweet spot for ROI. 

The tickets to GEM conference are $259 and include access to over 20 speakers, almost 4 hours of networking time, SWAG bags, all-day food + drinks (including end of day champagne hour), access to our sponsors + vendors, access to our goal-setting workbook, exclusive event facebook group (to stay connected after the conference), and more. 

We have a small amount of VIP tickets available that give you access to sitting in the front two rows (can we say up close and personal), and an exclusive 45 minute networking over the lunch hour with our speakers. VIP tickets are $375.

*** Please note that due to the proximity to the event, tickets are now non-refundable.

 Is there parking on site?

Yes, Lansdowne Parc houses a large underground parking facility that costs $20 per day. If you park at the canal entrance, the elevator/stairs bring you directly into the Horticulture Building. Ensure to bring cash or credit to pay for this at the end of the day.