Getting Down to Business (session #1): Metrics for business

A support session to guide you through the ins and out of business: Targets and metrics.


Some people love numbers and some find that there is overwhelm at the word alone. Maybe setting targets seems daunting or you find it hard to calculate what a year from now could look like better yet six months. Maybe you have been very successful with your target setting but want to have community support for a big 2020 leap. Regardless, we all know numbers are a major key to success.


While we are excited about creating such a foundational business element with you, we know that money and success blocks are a thing, so we are making sure to reignite that magic of your why. Focusing on the raison d'etre vs the dollar or "chasing followers on the gram" is the fuel that will ignite your goal setting fire. We will also take a gentle look at any blocks and old objections we have to growth so you are aware of what the hold back may be.


...we all have them!


The special part is, we are here to build community, lift you up and grow together.


Thursday, February 13th 6-9pm at the Gem Space.



  • Discuss the different types of metrics and targets and choose one for your business now.

  • Set goals + create steps to achieve them.

  • Create meaningful discussion

  • Remove blocks

  • Reignite the WHY love and inspo


You will also receive a workbook handout.

About Getting to Down to Business Sessions:


Getting Down to Business is a monthly session created by Sheri Chiprout and Amanda Cockburn. They have had inspired chats over many years of working together about creating programming that provides foundational support. They are passionate about providing a nice balance between soul works and practical tools that will equally fuel your success.


This offering is dedicated to the entrepreneurial journey and providing intimate group support and community on the path.


Each month has a carefully selected theme that is meant to compliment the needs of entrepreneurs and their lifestyles. Meant to feel like coaching support in an intimate peer setting.


Our goal is to have this be an accessible and impactful offering.


We really hope to not only see people succeed, but also that lasting connections are made in the process.

Experience highlights include

  • Learning best practices
  • Reference sheets
  • Mingling time
  • Intimate groups
  • Soul centred tips and tricks
  • Special guests**
  • Tea and nibbles

Who is this for

  • Entrepreneurs from different industries
  • Side hustlers
  • People getting past the idea stage and ready for action
  • Support seekers
  • Business leaders


Where: Gem Space 4321/2 Preston St

6:00-6:15 arrival

6:15-8:15 Presentation & Discussion

8:15-9:00 Apply knowledge and ask questions, mingle


What should you bring:

  • Laptop and/or Notebook and Pen
  • Bring an object you want Reiki infused that motivates you or you love.

** as needed depending on theme. Price will vary based on guest.