Join our 2020 Accountability Group

"Hey babe. Don't let this year's goals become next year's goals".

Anyone else with me right now? Its October, and you're scrambling to see what 2019 goals aren't going to trickle into next year. And although it may too late this year, we sure as heck don't want you to be saying this next year. We want you to get grounded in your vision and manifest the shit out of it. Accountability groups unite around one common purpose: supporting each other to achieve our individual goals.  Our accountability groups are rooted in the concept of peer mentorship + community building. APPLY NOW (or read on to learn more)


  • A leader: Someone who can ensure that gatherings are conducted on time and within the established values/guidelines.
  • Consistency: The groups will meet once a month (weekday evening).
  • Frequent communication: Private FB group will be set up for members only, and for the many-to-many format for you to stay in contact with your peers outside of meetings
  • "Failure OK mindset": When things are going ok, your own approval is enough... but when things go sideways you need a community to put you back on track. Being as open + honest about your struggles in biz is encouraged.
  • Confidentiality: All members of the group will need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Members of the group may be sharing sensitive financial, product, proprietary + branding information. The foundation of the group needs to be built on trust.
  • Attendance: Group members must make all efforts to attend.


  • January 2020 meeting to set up the annual goals roadmap (this meeting may longer than the typical timeline).
  • Branded workbook to keep track of goal setting + progress.
  • Big picture thinking + micro goal setting.
  • Monthly meetings (mastermind style) at 2-3 hours (weekday evenings, but weekends may happen occasionally).
  • Each member will have their time to talk about their current goals at each meeting, followed by an open discussion about  it. The end of each meeting will be a new goal setting moment for the upcoming month.
  • 3 guest speaker throughout the year (local expert, business coach etc).
  • Tea + coffee bar, local snacks at each meeting.
  • Support + community.
Why an application process you might ask? We want to create the groups based on like-minded individuals that can relate so that you get the most insightful discourse to help you move the needle in your biz, OR offer fresh outside perspective.


  • Application process is open until October 31st. Successful applicants will be notified soon thereafter.
  • There will be an administrative cost of $35 + HST upon being accepted.
  • Monthly cost is $49 + HST (10% off if year is paid up front, Due by Dec 15 2019). Otherwise quarterly payments will be paid by the 15th leading into the new month (Dec 15, March 15, June 15, Sept 15) .
  • Interested but need assistance (give us a shout... we're all about people helping people).
*** All information provided in the application will be kept strictly confidential.
*** We will do our utmost best to fit everyone that applies into a program. If you don't get accepted this year it isn't because you aren't good enough. Its because the mix might not be right.


We believe in a culture of inclusion. All are welcome to come as they are. Groups are not limited to women or women identifying. We believe that fresh perspectives can only help us all grow together. 
  •  Makers + Designers.
  •  Business coaches.
  •  Freelancers.
  •  Leaders.
  •  Self employed.
  •  Photographers.
  • Just starting and want to really get a solid foundation.
… hope you get the picture! Just apply.