SPEAKER: Aqui Kapend

PANEL: Money and sense.
Aqui K. Dapaah founder and CEO of Financially Savvy Girl Inc, is a lawyer by trade, an award winning real estate investor & developer, a personal finance & fitness coach who strongly believes in the importance of self care, financial freedom and creating the life you want to live. 
She empowers others by sharing her money story journey of how she went from having a six figures debt, to paying it all off in 3 years and building a 7 figures real estate portfolio with her husband, becoming a land developer, buying over 1000 shares annually and building a successful coaching business. 
As a proud advocate for women economic empowerment and wellness , through the  Fit & Wealthy program, she empowers other women to get fit and prioritize their self care journey by providing an accountability platform and empowering them to reclaim their health and  to also know how to bridge the wealth gap and reach financial freedom!
All of which led her to co-found  The Women Investors Network Canada ( WINC), a women wealth building platform fostering a community of like-minded women from all different walks of life taking action in securing their financial future and  reaching financial freedom.  
She is a wife, proud mommy of two tiny precious humans, a daughter, sister and a friend devoted to giving back to the community and she lives by the following philosophy:  we have two hands, one is to help ourselves and the other is to help others.