Jasmine is the co-owner and primary operator of Tallow Boutique, located in Hintonburg and online at shoptallow.com. Tallow offers a careful curation of women's clothing and designer swimwear influenced by Australian boho style.

Since its opening just over a year ago, much of Tallows early success can be attributed brand promotion through instagram and a major emphasis on customer generated content sharing.

After five years as the co-owner and operator of a bridal boutique ‘The White Dress’ in Ottawa, Jasmine worked for a brief time at Shopify in Partnerships overseeing digital agencies in California. It was during this time that she realized her true passion for entrepreneurship and brand design, and was inspired to open Tallow alongside three other powerful female business owners. The brand is rapidly gaining traction locally and beyond, and holds a promising future.

When Jasmine is not working in or on her business she can be found spending time with her husband, and her spunky bright eyed daughter Juniper.

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