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Lana Dingwall is a business coach, podcast host, speaker and a best selling author, who is focused on helping other socially and spiritually conscious people build and grow their businesses. She helps them take their impact and their income to the next level by working with them to create their own unique signature strategy to attract their ideal clients consistently.

Her podcast ‘Changing The Story, explores how entrepreneurs can change the world by growing their businesses, and gives them the tools and strategies to do that. She believes that empowering people to generate more of their own economic resources is key in changing the world for the better. 

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Upcoming events/programs 
The Lighthouse Collective - a membership community for socially and spiritually conscious entrepreneurs - https://lanadingwall.com/the-lighthouse-collective/
I also host a free monthly community coaching session (The Fireside Chats) - https://lanadingwall.com/monthly-fireside-chat/

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