What story do you want to be told about you and the business you created?

If you want it to be one of creating a better world, one of inspiration and influence, of success, of making an abundance of money, of having time for friends and family, of serving others, and one that you are genuinely proud of, then you and Lana will get along!

Lana Dingwall is a business coach, international best selling author, and podcaster,  who is hell-bent on helping other women build and grow their businesses. She helps entrepreneurs fill their client rosters, so that they can ditch the stress and overwhelm associated with growing a business, and instead focus more of their time and energy on using their gifts to serve others. She also works with entrepreneurs that have found themselves stuck on the neverending hamster wheel, those who have build successful businesses but feel that work has become their entire lives and that have no idea how to move out of the day-to-day operations. She helps them move away from having their businesses run their lives to living the lives they intended.

Lana believes that by coaching women on how to make more money in their businesses, she can create a better world. In the development and non-profit sector, in which she worked for six years before starting her business, there is a new wave of thinking emerging. Studies show that when support and funding is used to invest in having women start and grow businesses, the communities in which those women live are 4x more likely to escape poverty than if that same funding and support were to be invested in a man. It isn’t because men aren’t doing good things with their business profits, it’s that women are likely to do even more. Those findings have pushed Lana to focus on working with women, knowing that in turn the communities in which these women live will benefit as well. Empowering women economically will change the world we live in.

The aim of Lana’s podcast, Changing the Story: Kick-Ass Women in Business, is to  provide a platform designed to help change the story about women in business and entrepreneurship, change the story told about us, to us and most importantly change the story we tell ourselves.

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