Mavis left her small town in Nova Scotia at the ripe age of 17 with the dream of becoming Angela Bower from "Who's the Boss?" She knew she wanted to be in advertising since grade 9 and after graduating college set out to Toronto to start her successful career...but it didn't necessarily happen like that. After a 8 year stint at a corporate travel company, where she travelled the country and had an opportunity to live in the UK for a bit she realized it was time she get her act together and applied to every damn agency out there for a digital producer role.

A poor soul (who has become a good friend) gave her a break and she began working at Cossette, leaving for john st. a couple of years later when they reached out to see if she would be willing to come and introduce / integrate digital into the agency. Ten years later she was head of integrated production, ran a department of 25+ people and sat at the table with the partners helping plan the vision for one of the most awarded agencies in the country. At the top of her game, she walked away...from the successful career, the corporate salary, the industry she had clawed her way up in because of her side hustle.

Smithery had quickly become her dream and there was no denying that gut feeling anymore. Smithery is an online and by-appointment studio that helps women shop their shape. They curate the most flattering cuts for each body shape and model the clothes on REAL women representing different shapes and sizes and give you tips and tricks for dressing for that shape. Mavis and her business partner Rena make sure every women who shops with them leaves feeling confident, empowered and never feel like she has nothing to $#@%! wear again!