Sascha Lafleur

Co-Founder, West of Main

Sascha is the co-founder of West of Main, an award-winning interior design firm which is currently nominated for 3 international awards. She has a flair for design and a zest for life.

Though born raised in Ottawa, Sascha draws design inspiration from her travels around the world. Paralleled with her love for design is her passion for travel- hearing the stories and connections behind the artistry is truly what soothes her soul.

She’s a modern day hippie, with a love for beautiful, natural spaces. This becomes obvious once you step into West of Main’s latest accomplishment, West of Main Shoppe.  West of Main is Sascha’s baby… and as they say “it takes a village to raise a child”. She has an incredible team at WOM who each play a significant role in lifting each other up and pushing the company to reach its full potential.  They are the wheels that keep the business moving forward, and Sascha believes that this constitution is what sets WOM apart.