SPEAKER: Sharon Nyangweso

PANEL: Money + Finances

Sharon Nyangweso is the Founder and CEO of QuakeLab, a full-stack inclusion agency. Sharon Nyangweso specializes in a radical new approach to diversity and inclusion that is measurable, strategic, and based on a strong foundation of design thinking. A leader in empathetic community engagement and moving inclusivity from aspiration to action, Sharon is a regular contributor and panelist on CBC radio and television, Rabble.ca, Live 88.5, and CTV. An immigrant from Kenya who has lived and worked in Canada for over a decade, Sharon has worked across sectors with organizations in 11 countries. Follow her on Twitter at @Sharon_Okeno.
QuakeLab bioQuakeLab is a full-stack inclusion agency that provides the tools, expertise and methods to take your vision for inclusion from idea to action. We use proven design thinking frameworks and results-based management to position diversity, equity, and inclusion as a functional and integrated part of your business structure. This means that we support organizations to not only build diversity, equity, and inclusion into strategy – but to integrate it into processes, culture, and systems for real, measurable change.
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