#selfmadetalks SPEAKER: SHEENA BRADY

#SELFMADE TALK: Breaking generational barriers and building a legacy.

Sheena Brady is an award winning, serial social entrepreneur. Established in 2013, Sheena is the founder of Tease Tea, an all-natural and sustainably sourced tea company that invests in women with every purchase.

Tease Tea is built on the belief that through tea, you can invest in your wellbeing while investing in women. Over the years, with passion and purpose, Sheena has grown Tease Tea into a multi-million dollar company that serves customers in over 30 countries around the world.
Through their Investment in Women program, Tease Tea has helped raise over $150,000 in product and financial support including their very own Founders Fund program to support women identifying entrepreneurs with access to funding and mentorship opportunities for their business.

Link to Tease Tea to learn more.

IG handles: @sheenabradyy + @tease_tea + @thefoundersfund

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