SPEAKER "Business to Burnout" Avoiding entrepreneurial burnout and building new habits

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish helps individuals and couples navigate the challenges we all face in our relationships and within ourselves to create a more meaningful life through therapy, wellness seminars, and her work outside of the therapy room. 

For over 15 years, Dr. Dalgleish has provided direct clinical services as well as researching, writing, and speaking about relationships. She provides psychological assessments, diagnosis, and individual and couple therapy for a variety of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, postpartum difficulties, stress and burnout, and relationship difficulties. 

Committed to making what she does more accessible, she is the host of podcast ‘I’m Not Your Shrink’ where she dives deeper into clinical knowledge and research, in a relatable and informal way. She also offers other e-learning if you prefer to learn on the go, including an e-course for busy women to help

IG handle: @dr.tracyd