Our facets are the values that guide our community. More than ever before, women are looking for other like-minded modern business women to connect with and be inspired by in how they approach their lives and careers. Gem is growing to facilitate this need and to offer you a safe and inspiring space to connect + grow.

"Imagine the possibilities when we gather and build community under the common belief of inspiring others to create a better world for the women + people after us".

Amanda, GEM founder 


Gem gatherings are curated and designed to offer a space for connection and inspiration for the rapidly growing group of women who are entering entrepreneurship, who identify as modern career women who value growth and engagement over the "I'll stick it out for my pension" mentality, and who are raising the next generation of leaders.  

Gem is designed to offer women in our nation's capital the same modern conference experience that they have  typically had to travel to Toronto to attend. The demographic of career women, entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, mompreneurs is growing rapidly in Ottawa, and this is an event that you will be able to anticipate every year!


We are all a work in progress. Investing in yourself to become the best version of yourself will make you a better leader/entrepreneur, parent, friend and overall good human. Knowing your shortcomings and being open to feedback allows you to better understand where you need to direct your energy.


Do you know your why? Do you have a mission statement (whether a personal one or for your business)? Does your company mission and purpose resonate with your values? 


You are always growing. The "just get by" mentality makes your stomach turn. Working for a brand that values employee growth, growing your business, balancing motherhood and career- you are always searching for new ways to grow and to be inspired.


Perpetually curious about new leadership or business concepts, the latest social media hacks, the it-workout movement or meal hacks- they all get your blood pumping! You approach life with an outlook for new ideas and better ways to do it. 


Meaningful relationships and community connections are where you put your time and energy, because whos got time for anything else? You surround yourself with like-minded people who value real people who build each other up and celebrate each others successes. You want to know that who you put out on social media is who you really are! 


Understanding that you have the ability and privilege to impact the lives of others and to make the world a better place. True leaders know that their words and actions can impact the people around them and they way they view their lives and careers. As an entrepreneur you can use your abilities and platform to lift up important social agendas that align with your values. You have the power to impact the world.


You know that keeping things exciting and inspiring are key to a fulfilling career. You embrace fresh ideas and diverse points of view. Inclusion of diverse people is key to innovative ideas. 


 Overall you want to be a part of an inclusive community of like minded people who are doing great things, whatever that thing might be. When we come together to share ideas, inspire others, and connect in meaningful ways - amazing things will happen.