Customer Journey Virtual Masterclass

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Whether you're a product or service based brand you need to understand the key moments in the customer journey that a person experiences with your brand. The goal is to create powerful interactions with your brand that affirm customer choice and that create an emotional attachment to everything you do.

In this interactive sales masterclass you will:

  • Explore customer buying patterns (pre, during + post buying moments)
  • Understand the sticking points for your brand.
  • Creating a customer interaction map with your brand.
  • How to do a customer experience audit (of your brand sticky points).
  • Determinants of customer loyalty.
  • How to build a customer avatar.
  • Strategies for post-sales relationship building.

You'll receive an exclusive printable workbook + link to the webinar 24 hours prior.

This workshop is for people who have 1-5 years in business.

DATE: Tuesday, May 12th 11am-1pm 

COST: Our pay-what-you-can model allows you to access our masterclasses no mater what the circumstances. Prices are $15, $25 and $39 (our $39 pay-it-forward price will give someone a free class in our next round- someone who really dang needs it). 


Amanda has an honours degree in communications and fifteen years of customer facing sales experience as a senior leader where she coached teams of sales professionals to exceed sales expectations and sell/communicate within clear brand guidelines. Amanda's sales coaching + training culminated as a leader at Tiffany & Co. where she lead a team of sales professionals to top sales results in Canada.