Metrics for Business Virtual Masterclass

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The metrics are the measures of success for your brand. You're setting goals and hopefully activating habits to achieve those goals, but are you measuring them? We'll get down to the nitty gritty of not just business + numbers goals but how your values are reflected in your business and in your schedule.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Strategize to define your metrics for success (different than goals).
  • Understanding your numbers.
  • Do your habits align with your values + metrics of success?
  • Is your business as profitable as it should be?
  • Barriers to achieving your metric goals.
  • What do you want/not want in the future (metrics).

You will also receive an exclusive metrics workbook to print at home to take notes and goal set.

This workshop is for makers who have 1-5 years in business.

Dates + time: Tuesday, May 26th 11am-1pm EST 

WHERE: Your computer! This virtual workshop will be online (link to be sent to you once you have registered).

COST: Our pay-what-you-can model allows you to access our masterclasses no mater what the circumstances. Prices are $15, $25 and $39 (our $39 pay-it-forward price will give someone a free class in our next round- someone who really dang needs it). 

Amanda has over ten years of customer facing sales experience and leadership development where she coached teams of sale people to exceed sales expectations. Amanda's sales coaching + training culminated as a leader at Tiffany & Co. where she lead a team of sales professionals to top sales results in Canada through strategic planning and metrics goal-setting.